Oswaldo Lorenzo

Partner and Director of Unikemia and Professor Deusto Business School.

Oswaldo Lorenzo received his PhD from Warwick Business School (UK), his MBA from IESA Business School. He has also attended the Colloquium on Participant-centered Learning, Harvard Business School, Boston (USA), and a specialized research program at University of Texas (USA). Oswaldo Lorenzo plays different roles in his professional life: He is Director at Unikemia, an Edtech startup based in Spain. He is also Professor of Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Operations. He is Associate Professor in Deusto Business School and he is also visiting professor in Alliance Manchester Business School teaching in the Global MBA. He was previously full-time professor at IE Business School (8 years). Part of his experience comes from his work on publications for specialized journals like California Management Review, Information & Management, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, and Journal of Business Ethics. Moreover, Professor Lorenzo has presented numerous research works at international conferences such as The Academy of Management Meeting, American Conference in Information Systems (AMCIS), European Conference in Information Systems (ECIS), European Conference in Operations Management (EUROMA), Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), among others.